Dishes Come Out Dirty From The Dishwasher

Our technicians at Target Appliance Repair know that feeling you get when something appears to be dramatically wrong with one of your major appliances. Whether the fridge suddenly stops cooling, or if your dishwasher is turning out load after a load of dirty dishes, we understand that things can suddenly get very stressful. If a […]

How to Maintain Appliances In The Summer

Every season brings certain pleasures and certain challenges. This is never truer than during the summertime. You have beautiful weather, cold drinks, vacation time, and likely more to look forward to. The flipside of that is always high temperatures, stormy weather, and other challenges. Your appliances are definitely going to have a lot to put […]

Saving Energy with Appliances

Your appliances are expected to do a lot. No one understands that fact more than our appliance experts at Target Appliance Repair. We demand a lot from our fridges, stoves, dishwashers, and other major items. Unfortunately, we sometimes forget that in order for these appliances to be at their very best, we need to take […]

The Science of Appliance Maintenance

The science of appliance maintenance is honestly pretty simple. When you take measures to care for your appliances, you’re going to have something that will last for its average lifespan. In some cases, good maintenance can even allow your appliances to live longer than they were designed for. Your appliances are made of several different […]

Clothes Coming Out of Your Dryer Damp? Here’s what you can do

Have you ever dealt with the sinking feeling of reaching into your dryer, after a load of laundry has been in there for an hour or more, only to find damp/soaked clothes? If you do, then you already know that this isn’t something any of us ever want to deal with. If your clothes are […]

Electric or Gas Stove?

When it comes to stoves, everything pretty much breaks down into two major categories. We have electric stoves, and we have gas stoves. Even if you don’t have a preference right now, it seems likely that you eventually will. Each type comes with a number of benefits. There is also a range of potential drawbacks […]

Smelly Fridge? No Worries! We’ve Got You!

No one wants to be stuck with a smelly refrigerator. If you find the problem to be more than you can stand, then you can definitely contact our experts at Target Appliance Repair. There are a number of different possibilities, in terms of assessing the actual cause of a smelly refrigerator. In some situations, calling […]

How to Clean Your Oven Properly?

Let’s be honest: No one really looks forward to cleaning the oven. We love the end result because there are a lot of benefits to simple oven maintenance tips, but we kind of dislike the amount of time we have to put in. While that is certainly fair, and while it can be tough to […]

5 Tips for Fridge Maintenance

When something goes wrong with the fridge, the last thing you really want to do is panic. At Target Appliance Repair, we can be there quickly, and we can assess the situation with your major appliance. In many situations, repair is possible, and generally the best course of action. If the problem is more serious […]

Better to Repair Than Buy

At Target Appliance Repair, we can assist with any appliance repair concerns you may have. Regardless of the specific brand name or appliance, our experience can ensure that every option is explored. This is something important to keep in mind when it comes to taking care of your appliances. When something goes on the blink, […]


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