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Amana Appliance Repair

Amana, the trademark of Amana Corporation, is a brand of home appliances based at Benton Harbor in Michigan in the United States. The company was established by George Foerstner in 1934. It was then called The Electrical Equipment Co. and it was headquartered at Middle Amana in Iowa. The first product of the company was commercial walk-in cooler. The company was acquired by Amana Society and got renamed as Amana Refrigeration. It is presently owned by Whirlpool.

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A Brief History of Amana

Amana was the first company to manufacture an upright freezer for household use. Following the success of the appliance from 1947 through 1949, the company came up with a side-by-side refrigerator. By 1954, the company started manufacturing air conditioners. It was already known as Amana Refrigeration by then. Raytheon, the company that invented microwave oven, acquired Amana in 1965. While Raytheon had a bestselling commercial microwave oven in its Radarange Model 1611, the acquisition led to the production of the consumer variant of Radarange. It went on to become a phenomenally popular microwave for residential use.

Presently, Amana manufactures various household appliances including countertop ranges, wall ovens, dishwashers, washers, dryers, and furnaces.

Amana Appliance Repair

Amana makes a plethora of household appliances. There are different types of washers and dryers, cooktops and countertop ranges, wall ovens and refrigerators. You may have a top freezer refrigerator or a bottom freezer refrigerator. You may own an electric cooktop or a gas cooktop. There are more conventional stoves with four burners and there are cooktops with five elements. Amana has an expansive range of home appliances with varying capacities and distinctly diverse features, from make and material to functions and ease of use.

Like all brands of household appliances, Amana too has its share of vulnerabilities. While new Amana appliances may not require any major intervention other than timely cleaning and maintenance, regular use will have its bearing on the washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, stoves, and fridges. Our Amana appliance repair services cover all the categories and all kinds of problems that you may have. We specialize in repairing electrical and mechanical parts. There are some state of the art components in some models. Whether your appliance is malfunctioning or it is not performing as it should, we can attend to the problem immediately and at your home.

Affordable Amana Appliance Repair in Ottawa

Target Appliance Repair offers affordable solutions. Amana appliance repair can turn out to be a costly exercise if you don’t hire the right technicians. Expertise and experience are keys. Misdiagnosis of any kind, improper attempts to repair or replace any component, prolonged turnaround times and resorting to experimentation while attempting to fix an Amana washer, dryer, dishwasher, stove, oven, or fridge can lead to unnecessary expenses. You can avert all such uncertainties with our reliable and affordable Amana appliance repair service in Ottawa.

We offer same day repairs. You can call us or send us an email. We would schedule an appointment based on your convenience. We can offer emergency repair too. Our team of technicians is available round the clock throughout the year. No matter where you are in Ottawa and the surrounding area, you can rely on our affordable Amana appliance repair service anytime.


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