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Inglis Appliance Repair

Inglis is the brand name of John Inglis and Company. It is a Canadian home appliances manufacturer. The original company is now defunct and Whirlpool Canada has acquired its facilities and the rights to use the brand name. The company was founded by John Inglis in 1859. Set up at Dundas in Ontario, the company manufactured weapons for many decades before producing various types of machines including the steam engine.

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A Brief History of Inglis

The company has undergone many rebranding exercises and some were imperative for changes in ownership or the manner in which the business was operated. From having multiple owners to John Inglis moving it to Toronto, the company did not start producing home appliances till after the Second World War. By 1950, the company had manufactured fully automatic washers and later it expanded its lineup of products to include gas and electric dryers. In the sixties, Inglis was the largest manufacturer of laundry machines in Canada. In 1987, Whirlpool Corporation acquired a majority stake in Inglis. It continued to use the brand name in Canada until 2001 when the company was rechristened as Whirlpool Canada.

Common Problems of Inglis Appliances

If you own a washer and dryer branded as Inglis then it is likely an older model. It is vulnerable to all common problems that are associated with washers and dryers. Inglis washers and dryers may have minor glitches or major issues. Do not ignore any of the apparently harmless symptoms as they could indicate a serious problem. You may have a problem with the door of your Inglis washer and dryer. The door may not open well after the cycle has been completed. This problem may be caused due to poor draining. The door is supposed to stay locked until the water is drained. It is possible you would see no water inside but the door may still remain automatically locked. There can be more than one reason for this. It is not always the failure of water drainage, at times the washer could falsely detect the presence of water in the drum and there can be some mechanical problems or failure of some parts.

Inglis washer and dryer may fail to start. This could be owing to an improperly closed door or something more complicated. The sensors could have gone kaput. There may be problems with the pressure pad. Inglis washers and dryers, especially the older models, are known to vibrate too much. While such appliances are supposed to vibrate, the movement should not be excessive, not to an extent that the main operation is adversely affected. There can be many potential causes of excessive vibration. The washer dryer may also have problems with the automatic switch from the wash cycle.

Reliable and Holistic Inglis Appliance Repair in Ottawa

We at Target Appliance Repair have been working with a multitude of brands, including Inglis. Our technicians have hands-on experience in Inglis appliance repair. It does not matter whether a washer dryer is new or it was manufactured prior to the rebranding of Inglis as Whirlpool Canada. Our expertise can ensure holistic Inglis appliance repair. The repairs would not be partial and they would not be transient. You would have reliable repairs that would stand the test of time. You would also have holistic solutions so you don’t have to deal with something else malfunctioning in the washer and dryer after we are done. We offer same day Inglis appliance repair for no additional cost.


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