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Frigidaire Appliance Repair

Frigidaire is an American brand of household appliances that also makes commercial grade home appliances. Frigidaire is one of the many subsidiaries of Electrolux. The brand was founded as Guardian Frigerator Company. It made the first self-contained fridge in 1916 in its factory at Fort Wayne in Indiana. The company was founded by inventors Nathaniel B. Wales and Alfred Mellowes. Soon after, the company received a substantial investment from General Motors founder William C. Durant and then renamed as Frigidaire. The company attained unprecedented popularity in the United States. It had become synonymous with refrigerators.

General Motors owned the brand till 1979 when it was acquired by White Sewing Machine Company. Electrolux acquired the company in 1986. Frigidaire has many firsts to its credit including the first ever electric self-contained refrigerator, room air conditioner, home food freezer, thirty inches electric range, and home appliances with color-coordinated designs.

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Common Problems with Frigidaire Appliances

The bestselling appliances of Frigidaire include washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, stoves, and fridges. The typical problems associated with these appliances are also very much existent with Frigidaire. Despite the pioneering role the company played in the early twentieth century, the refrigerators do have cooling problems. Your Frigidaire fridge may be too warm or too cold at selected temperatures. It may also be noisy, leak water, it may not dispense water properly or make ice in a timely manner. State of the art models are less vulnerable to frosting and water leakage. However, they are not yet a thing of the past.

Frigidaire dishwashers may not always operate optimally. They may fail to clean the dishes properly, the glassware you clean could turn out to be cloudy, the appliance may make strange noises, there can be issues with the locking mechanism of the door, the appliance may leak or it may simply not turn on. Issues with drying are also common in Frigidaire dishwashers.

Frigidaire washing machines are robust, but they may have problems such as inefficient spinning, there can be issues with draining, and water leakage is quite common. Frigidaire stoves, ovens and cooktops can have numerous problems, from temperature fluctuations to malfunctioning buttons or knobs. There may be problems with the coils or the modes may not work as they should.

Affordable Frigidaire Appliance Repair in Ottawa

Target Appliance Repair brings an unmatched experience in dealing with Frigidaire products. We have technicians who have worked on Frigidaire appliance repair for over two decades now. As a company, we offer reasonable quotes for all types of repair. We do not overcharge for components or parts. We do not recommend replacements of components or parts in cases where a simple repair can do the trick. We have unparalleled proven expertise which enables us to carry out accurate diagnoses of problems, thereby helping you to choose the perfect solutions.

Target Appliance Repair offers same day repairing and replacement. You do not have to deal with a broken appliance for more than twenty-four hours. In fact, you can call us and choose our urgent Frigidaire appliance repair service and one of our technicians would be at your home in Ottawa and the surrounding areas in no time. We have the tools and resources to inspect and fix your appliance at your home.


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