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Ottawa-based, Reputable and Experienced (10+ years), Appliance Repair Company. Our main goal is to make your life easier with properly working appliances. We are homeowners as well, and we understand the frustration of a broken appliance. That is why we offer Same-Day Appliance Repair Service at NO EXTRA cost. Trust the Appliance Repair Professionals to fix your malfunctioning appliance.

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  • Up to 1 Year Warranty on Appliance Repairs
  • All major appliance brands and model repairs
  • Same-Day Appliance Repair Service at no extra cost
  • We come equipped with most common parts to fix your appliance ASAP
  • We will ensure you are happy with our service before we leave
  • Trained and Experienced technicians only!
  • We are running an honest business and treat people with respect

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Moffat Appliance Repair

Moffat is a multinational brand of household appliances. It is one of the largest suppliers of food service and bakery equipment in the world. Moffat Group has almost a century-long history, from its relatively humble origins in New Zealand and Australia, the expansions across the world with its growing line of products including ovens and ranges, fryers and cooktops, washers and dryers, dishwashers and refrigerators.

Today, Moffat has a formidable presence in the United States. It operates as Blue Seal in the United Kingdom. The brand has alliance partners in the United Arab Emirates, across Asia and Russia. Moffat has distribution partners and alliances in Canada. The company has ushered in various innovations over the years, including ovens with rotating deck, the game-changing automated baking system called Genesis and convection platforms for ovens.

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Moffat Appliance Repair at Target

Target Appliance Repair specializes in all types of Moffat appliance repair, be it washers or dryers, dishwashers, ovens or stoves and fridges. Much like any other brand may have a myriad of problems with any of your Moffat appliances. Your fridge may fail to maintain the set temperature, the washer may be too noisy, the dishwasher may shake too much, the oven or stove may not generate enough heat, there could be a leak, the freezer may not dispense water properly and you could be unlucky to have an appliance failing completely. Electrical appliances are not immune to partial or complete malfunction. Luckily, our expertise ranges from fixing all common and uncommon problems, whether it is a failed electrical component or a nonresponsive mechanical part, a jammed door or a sensor issue.

Professional Moffat Appliance Repair in Ottawa

We at Target Appliance Repair have a methodical approach. We do not presume anything until we conduct a complete inspection. The inspection is thorough enough to understand the subtlest of problems and the most obvious issue. Not always do apparent problems turn out to be the real issue. Likewise, even the slightest of glitches may indicate a serious failing of an electrical appliance. Our proactive and comprehensive inspection will always find every problem and accordingly we shall recommend the most appropriate solutions. We implement the solution only after your approval.

Many people hire repair services in Ottawa and the surrounding area, only to be left with existing or new problems. These uncertainties are a result of partial or improper repair. Our holistic approach ensures there is nothing amiss and that every aspect of a system is tested to be safe, functional and reliable to stand the test of time. Even when we attend to emergency Moffat appliance repair, we adhere to our diligent approach to inspect and understand a problem before making an informed decision.

One of the testimonies of our sure-fire Moffat appliance repair service in Ottawa is the warranty we offer. At a time when manufacturers don’t offer comprehensive warranty and have limiting the terms, we offer warranty on our Moffat appliance repair service which is usually valid for up to a year. It is not just a claim that we have the most experienced technicians in Ottawa. We stand by our expertise and are confident of the quality of repair services we can deliver every time. Target Appliance Repair offers same day repairing services for all appliances. This service does not warrant any additional cost. Give us a call and we will promptly send a technician to your address.


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