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Toronto based, Reputable and Experienced (10+ years), Appliance Repair Company. Our main goal is to make your life easier with properly working appliances. We are homeowners as well, and we understand the frustration of a broken appliance. That is why we offer Same-Day Appliance Repair Service at NO EXTRA cost. Trust the Appliance Repair Professionals to fix your malfunctioning appliance.

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  • Up to 1 Year Warranty on Appliance Repairs
  • All major appliance brands and model repairs
  • Same-Day Appliance Repair Service at no extra cost
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Georgetown Appliance Repairs

For more than 20 years now, we have been the number one Georgetown appliance repair service, offering reliable and reputable same-day services (in almost all situations, and at no extra charge whatsoever) around-the-clock.

Our experienced technicians are provided with all of the training, all of the tools, and all of the parts necessary to immediately diagnose whatever it is that is causing your appliance trouble, and given every resource necessary to fix that appliance quickly – usually that same day!

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Georgetown Fridge Repair

Refrigerators are notorious for going on the fritz, seemingly for no real reason whatsoever.

Thermostats can start registering the wrong temperature in both the refrigerator and freezer module, icemaker components and water filtration units can start to fall apart, and the door switches, seals, and insulation can give way over time.

It’s also not that uncommon for condensers and compressors to give out on refrigerators that aren’t all that old, either!

Regardless of what is happening “under the hood” of your refrigerator, we hope that you will reach out to us at your earliest convenience so that our Georgetown appliance repair professionals can tackle the project and get your fridge back to normal operation ASAP.

Georgetown Stove Repair

Stove burners that will not light or will not heat aren’t all that useful at all, but stove burners that misbehave according to the temperatures that you have set – usually running far too hot – are just as difficult to cook with.

Our Georgetown appliance repair experts can come in, diagnose the issues plaguing your stove, and get your stove back to better than brand-new, almost always that same day.

Georgetown Oven Repair

Your oven is another major appliance that loves to “give up” seemingly out of nowhere, and for no real reason whatsoever.

One day you are baking and broiling with no trouble at all, and the next your temperatures are all over the place – or your oven refuses to turn on at all!

Some people find that they put a dish in the oven and the door stays shut no matter what, and others aren’t able to even start cooking with their often simply because the oven door won’t stay shocked (or is locked open).

No matter what you might be dealing with, our Georgetown appliance repair experts will troubleshoot the problem quickly and get your oven working again in no time.

Georgetown Washer Repair

Washing machines can be finicky, and anytime you’re talking about a major appliance that combines water and electricity you need to make sure that you are very careful when it stops working the way it should.

You could be dealing with a leaky washer, a washer that has no water running into it at all, a washer that does not spin or shakes and vibrates like it’s ready for takeoff – or something else entirely!

Washing machine problems are quite common, but our Georgetown appliance repair professionals are experienced in addressing them quickly so that you can tackle laundry without missing a beat.

Georgetown Dryer Repair

A dryer that will not dry your clothes – or uses so much heat that it shrinks everything that was tossed in during a load – isn’t all that useful at all.

Even worse is a dryer that won’t turn on or a dryer that runs and runs and, without ever actually drying your clothes but consuming a mountain of energy and jacking up your bills along the way.

Dryer repairs can be a little bit troublesome for those without a lot of experience, but that’s never going to be a problem for our Georgetown appliance repair technicians.

Georgetown Dishwasher Repair

If you’re dealing with dishes that have a fog or film on them even after going through the dishwasher, dishes that just don’t come clean even after running through extended cycles, or a dishwasher that leaks all over the place – or will not turn on, no matter what – you have no reason whatsoever to contact our Georgetown appliance repair professionals ASAP.

Dealing with modern appliances that misbehave is never fun. Reach out to us at your earliest convenience and we’ll help fix any of your appliances and get them back to better than brand-new!


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