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We offer same day service in Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Kitchener Area.
Toronto based, Reputable and Experienced (10+ years), Appliance Repair Company. Our main goal is to make your life easier with properly working appliances. We are homeowners as well, and we understand the frustration of a broken appliance. That is why we offer Same-Day Appliance Repair Service at NO EXTRA cost. Trust the Appliance Repair Professionals to fix your malfunctioning appliance.

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  • Up to 1 Year Warranty on Appliance Repairs
  • All major appliance brands and model repairs
  • Same-Day Appliance Repair Service at no extra cost
  • We come equipped with most common parts to fix your appliance ASAP
  • We will ensure you are happy with our service before we leave
  • Trained and Experienced technicians only!
  • We are running an honest business and treat people with respect

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Kitchener Appliance Repairs

For well over 20 years now, we here at Target Appliance Repair have been helping our customers throughout the Kitchener community fix up their appliances that are misbehaving, saving them hundreds of dollars they would have had to spend to replace these appliances.

If you’ve been looking for someone to come out, have a look at your appliances, and troubleshoot issues before they become catastrophic emergencies, we are happy to help!

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Fridge Repair Kitchener

Keeping your refrigerator running is a big part of keeping your home life moving smoothly, and a fridge that isn’t keeping food cool (as well as a freezer that is keeping food frozen) needs to be addressed ASAP.

Our Kitchener appliance repair technicians understand exactly how to troubleshoot all major refrigerator brands and models. We dig deep into exactly what’s wrong with your refrigerator, push forward with same-day repairs (and not charging a premium for those same-day services), and get your refrigerator and your freezer back up and running just as quickly as we can.

Stove Repair Kitchener

Your stove is also notorious for going on the fritz and misbehaving, with burners that don’t want to cooperate – if they turn on at all.

Temperature control modules, flame and heating element control module, safety features built right into modern stones can begin to break down and become unreliable for any different number of reasons. With the help of our Kitchener appliance repair experts, you’ll be able to avoid all of the headache and hassle that this kind of situation inevitably brings to the table.

Oven Repair Kitchener

Your oven is just as likely to begin misbehaving has any of your other major appliances.

The temperature that you set your baking and broiling elements at may not be registering, resulting in temperatures that fluctuate wildly – and seemingly for no real reason whatsoever. Other individuals might be dealing with an oven that won’t turn on or an oven that heats up or cools down all on its own, or an oven that just isn’t cooperative.

Our Kitchener appliance repair specialist will fix your oven just as quickly as they are able to, giving you the chance to prepare meals for your family and friends once again.

Washer Repair Kitchener

A washing machine makes modern life a lot easier, making doing laundry quick and easy. Which allows you to do this chore hassle free.

When your washing machine isn’t working the way it is supposed to, things can get more than a little bit hectic. A washing machine that won’t turn on, a washing machine that won’t spin, or a washing machine that leaks all over the place, is an appliance that needs repairs and servicing – and that’s where we come into play!

Dryer Repair Kitchener

Of course, your dryer is another big part of keeping laundry moving smoothly in your household and you want to be sure that it is in perfect working order all the time, too.

Dryers that run too hot can damage and destroy clothes and loads of laundry, and dryers that aren’t running hot enough will leave your clothes and laundry soaking wet.

Dishwasher Repair Kitchener

Your dishwasher should make life easier and not harder, but a dishwasher on the fritz is always going to be a challenge to navigate.

Leaky dishwashers, dishwashers that spin for hours on end, and dishwasher doors that will not open are just some of the problems that homeowners have to deal with. Our appliance repair specialists here in Kitchener will make sure that you have to deal with as little headache and hassle as possible.

If you’d like to take advantage of our Kitchener appliance repair services, we hope that you will reach out and contact us at your earliest convenience. Simply call us at 647-812-0175 and we’ll send someone out to help ASAP!


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