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Ottawa-based, Reputable and Experienced (10+ years), Appliance Repair Company. Our main goal is to make your life easier with properly working appliances. We are homeowners as well, and we understand the frustration of a broken appliance. That is why we offer Same-Day Appliance Repair Service at NO EXTRA cost. Trust the Appliance Repair Professionals to fix your malfunctioning appliance.

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  • Up to 1 Year Warranty on Appliance Repairs
  • All major appliance brands and model repairs
  • Same-Day Appliance Repair Service at no extra cost
  • We come equipped with most common parts to fix your appliance ASAP
  • We will ensure you are happy with our service before we leave
  • Trained and Experienced technicians only!
  • We are running an honest business and treat people with respect

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Orleans Appliance Repairs

For more than 20 years now, we here at Target Appliance Repair have been making sure that our friends and neighbors in Orleans are able to take advantage of only the very best appliance repair services available.

We repair all major appliance makes and models, offer same day appliance repair services at NO extra cost, and send out our experienced Orleans appliance repair technicians with all of the parts and tools they need to get your appliance up and running.

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Fridge Repair

The refrigerator is the heartbeat of your kitchen.

You need to be sure that your refrigerator is keeping your food cool (and foods in your freezer frozen), but there are all kinds of things that can go wrong with even the most advanced fridges on the market today.

Regardless of whether or not you’re dealing with a compressor that isn’t working the way it should, seals that aren’t insulating any longer, or thermostat control modules that are obviously on the fritz – or something else entirely – our Orleans appliance repair technicians will be able to help get your fridge back to working the way it should.

Stove Repair

Stoves are notoriously fickle appliances, and if you’re dealing with burners that do not want to cooperate – or burners that do not want to turn on in the first place – you know exactly what we are talking about!

Our Orleans appliance repair technicians can immediately diagnose the problem with your stove and fix it faster than you would have thought possible. You’ll be back to cooking with gas (or electric) in no time at all.

Oven Repair

Maybe you are dealing with an oven thermostat that isn’t working properly, causing your baking and roiling modules to fail, overheat, or under heat.

Of course, you might be dealing with an oven door stuck shut – or stuck open – an oven that won’t turn on,  turn off or something else entirely!

Our Orleans appliance repair experts will immediately determine the problem causing you so much headache. We will have the oven taken apart, fixed and then put back together again faster than you would have thought possible!

Washer Repair

If your washing machine isn’t cooperating, laundry becomes even more of a tedious chore than it already is.

Maybe you have a washing machine that isn’t spinning or agitating the way it should, or maybe you’re dealing with a washing machine that bounces all over the place (like it was made of rubber). Perhaps you’re dealing with a washing machine that leaks, a washing machine that won’t turn, or one that stubbornly just won’t cooperate.

We can help!

Dryer Repair

Your dryer is obviously the other piece of the puzzle when it comes to getting your laundry done – and it is one of the essential appliances that make your life much easier.

We can help fix dryer temperature control modules that aren’t hot enough to dry or are way too hot and burning excess energy, and can also fix dryers that do not want to turn on, dryers that do not want to turn off, or dryers that – for one reason or another – just don’t want to dry your clothes at all!

Dishwasher Repair

There aren’t too many people out there that love doing dishes, but things get even more frustrating when your dishwasher is misbehaving.

Our Orleans appliance repair professionals have seen pretty much anything and everything that can go wrong with a dishwasher – and they can help fix those problems faster than you could ever imagine!

Regardless of whether or not you’re dealing with a dishwasher that runs forever without actually cleaning anything, a dishwasher that turns off almost immediately, or a dishwasher that won’t turn on at all, our Orleans appliance experts know how to get your dishwasher back to running better than brand-new.


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