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Stittsville Appliance Repairs

Our modern appliances are such a big part of our day to day lives, but at the same time, we almost forget about them completely – except when they start to misbehave, of course!

For more than 20 years now, we have been helping our Stittsville community take advantage of the best appliance repair services around. Working with every make and model appliance imaginable, from your refrigerator to your dishwasher and everything in between, we hope that you reach out to us for all of your Stittsville appliance repair needs, should your appliances begin to misbehave!

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Fridge Appliance Repair

The refrigerator is probably the most commonly used appliance in the home, and honestly, it’s a bit surprising that it doesn’t break down or misbehave more frequently than they do.

But when your fridge starts to go on the fritz, it’s not only going to become a real headache and hassle when the time comes to store food safely – it also runs the risk of consuming a tremendous amount of energy and running up your monthly bills, too.

Maybe you’re dealing with a fridge with a leaky condenser or compressor, or perhaps the insulating properties of your fridge aren’t what they used to be. Maybe your fridge has simply “quit”, or maybe it isn’t able to maintain temperatures the way it used to in the past.

We can help!

Stove Appliance Repair

Our Stittsville appliance repair professionals have seen pretty much anything and everything that can go wrong with your stove before, and understand EXACTLY what it takes to troubleshoot these problems faster than you would have thought possible – all in an effort to get your stove working better than brand-new ASAP!

It doesn’t matter if your burner won’t turn on, only flickers, isn’t heating up as much as it should, or stays on long after you turn it off. Our Stittsville appliance repair technicians can fix it for you!

Oven Appliance Repair

Your oven can break down without a moment’s notice, really messing up the meals that you prepare for your friends and family.

The baking and broiling modules in your oven can fall apart, heat up far beyond what they should, or provide such a low level of heat that you may as well be cooking in an oven powered by a lightbulb.

Our Stittsville appliance repair technicians will quickly diagnose whatever it is that is ailing your oven, fix the problem, and get you back to baking and broiling just as quickly as possible.

Washer Appliance Repair

A faulty washing machine isn’t just an annoyance as you watch the laundry pile, but it also has the potential to become a bit of a dangerous and disastrous situation – especially if your washing machine begins to leak.

Washing machines that won’t turn on, turn on and run for hours, or pump no water – or too much water completely – need to be fixed ASAP, and that’s where our Stittsville appliance repair experts come into play.

Dryer Appliance Repair

Your dryer is the other key component in the “1-2 punch” that makes laundry possible, and you’ll need to be sure that it is operating efficiently, too.

Dryers that won’t turn on, turn off, and dryers that under heat or overheat while operating can be fixed in no time at all by our appliance repair technicians in Stittsville.

Dishwasher Appliance Repair

Dishwashers can get leaky the same way that washing machines can, and they are just as devastating when they spring a leak.

Some folks deal with dishwashers that won’t turn on, dishwashers that run almost all day without actually cleaning the dishes, and dishwashers that are stuck shot – or will not close at all, stopping your dishwasher from doing its main job entirely!

Our Stittsville appliance repair technicians will be able to figure out exactly what’s going “under the hood” of your dishwasher, and will also be able to get this piece of equipment working the way it should almost immediately.


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